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Gerri Bishop
Welcome to my gourd site:

"Wizard of Awes Gourd Art-
by Gerri Bishop."

I'm a self-taught gourd artist, having fallen into the art form accidentally in 1999 when my husband was severely injured. I was looking for something different to do that would allow me to be nearby while he was healing, was given a gourd to try by a lovely artist friend named Kate, and the rest is history.

I am hooked on gourds for their two are the same; for their challenge...placing a scene on a rounded surface is a different twist to art; and for their can do nearly anything with gourd art designs that you can do on a wood or canvas surface.

I'm represented by the "A Muse Gallery" in Sedona, Arizona, located in the Hillside Galleries on Highway 179 just before you enter town. Please stop by if you're in Sedona and say hello...the owners are lovely people. The gallery features whimsical art and is in a beautiful, relaxing location with a great view of the red Sedona hills.

I also post gourd artwork frequently on as "fairygourds" where you can find special gifts or usable pots.
My work, as well as the work of many of my gourd head friends, can also be found at, the official website of our Southwest Gourd Association artist group, also called a Gourd Patch. I'm a juried member of the Arizona Art Alliance and sometimes have work available in their gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. As a gourd artist, I also belong to the Wickenburg Art Club and South Scottsdale Art Alliance, both of which host frequent art shows.

If you're not familiar with gourds, here's a brief description: they are fruit of a vine really, cousins to squash, cucumbers and melons, but a hard shelled variety. They are used in many third world countries as tools (water dippers, water pots), and articles of "clothing" (hats for example). They are also used for art.

Art on a hard fruit? Who knew? Gourds aren't good to eat, though you could if you were truly desperate, but they're awesome for art.

Each gourd is each art piece made from a gourd is also one-of-a-kind. Once a gourd is completely dry, the skin is dense, hard, sturdy, often thick and can be burned, painted, dyed, cut, filed, carved, etc., just like wood.

Gourd art can last as a family heirloom if it is properly cared for. Cleaning with a soft, damp cloth is all you need.
Copyright 2011: Wizard of Awes Gourd Art | Gourd Art Designs. All Rights Reserved.
Click on any of these images to see a full size picture.
"Chance Encounter"
"Giraffe Trio"
"Iris Dragons"
The work you see in the pictures on this site were all done using Pyrography (wood burning) to burn in a pattern.  The burned patterns were then colored with artist pencils. I typically use Caran d'Ache and Derwent Intense, though I sometimes also use Prismacolor and Walnut Hollow pencils.
These pictures were taken by Jim Winters of Jim Winters Photography in Phoenix, Arizona. If you live in the Phoenix area and are looking for a good and reasonable photographer, give Jim a call at 602-291-4433.  Yes, Jim photographs people too.