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Useful Links  (Phoenix, Arizona gourd patch)   (State of Arizona gourd society) (site where gourd art pictures are posted from all over the world)
National Gourd Art Organization:
Where to get gourds: (wonderful, honest business with a great selection of dried gourds)
Where to get gourd supplies: (tools, paints, inlace supplies, books, etc.) (tools, paints, inlace supplies, books, etc.) (kumihimo supplies, pine needles and other weaving supplies) (general supplies)
Other Artist sites:
My Etsy Site: "fairygourds", listed under handmade (gourds, art)


Here is a place you can go if you're a woman who is divorced, single, new in town or just generally needing to reach out.  This ever-growing community was created to support women like you who want to connect, share, learn, heal and grow into healther, happier people, even during the most challenging of times.

For a chance to help animals in need of homes and help:
This is a wonderful place in Phoenix, Arizona that is a no-kill shelter doing the best they can for our furry friends.

Here is Best Friends, the amazing organization that rehabilitated the Vick dogs and helps those animals some consider hopeless.  Best Friends rehabilitates and finds loving homes for those it can and provides a safe, loving place for those that must stay.

This is a website for Rachel Rolfe, in the United Kingdom.  She designs funny, one of a kind bears to make you smile. After clicking on the link, page down to "Wee Beary Tales."

And last but not least...if you live in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and need a great place to get your hair cut and/or styled:

ERIC's ON 5TH Hair Salon, 7031 E. 5th Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ, phone 480-941-2707.  He doesn't have a website, but he does hair well, AND he's nice to look at while he's doing it.  :)

Best place to buy raw gourds in my opinion:
The Wuertz Gourd Farm in Casa Grande, Arizona.  The Wuertz family has been in business for multiple generations and are honest, down to earth people who grow and sell high quality gourds at reasonable prices.  

All but two gourds displayed on this site are from the Wuertz Farm.
Check out the Wuertz Farm at the link on the right.
And these are the Wuertz's themselves.  

Young, beautiful and wonderful!
Gourds at the Wuertz Farm - if can't find your gourd here, nature probably doesn't grow it.  :)